Frequently asked questions

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Who are you?
We are a Virginia-based team of about 1. Find me @paulsingh on Twitter.
What is Beacon?
Beacon makes podcasts more discoverable and searchable. We do this by crawling podcast feeds, transcribing the episodes and making it publicly searchable by anyone. We live on a website and a daily/weekly email.
How do I sign up for Beacon?
You can signup with your Google or Twitter credentials. Alternatively, you can use your email address too.
How do I get my podcast included in Beacon?
If your podcast is listed in Apple Podcasts, it will typically show up in Beacon within a few days. If your podcast is already listed but isn’t appearing in Beacon, you can submit it here.
What are your User-Agent strings?
Beacon centrally fetches your podcast feed, transcribes your individual episodes and allows Beacon users to listen to your individual podcast episodes with the following User-Agent strings: Beacon/1.0 Podcast Sync +, Beacon/1.0 Podcast Transcriber + and Beacon/1.0 Podcast Player +
What are the hostnames of your crawling and transcription servers?
Please ensure that the following hostnames are not blocked:,,,,,,,,,,,
Ping API for immediate feed crawling
Coming soon.